Molecular Biology & Biotechnology Division
Objective: Assessment, characterization and documentation of fish genomic resources.
Thrust Areas:
Genomic, transcriptomic and proteomic studies of commercially important species
Physical mapping of genes
Genetic characterization and population genomics
Reproductive biotechnology
Fish cell biotechnology
Development and maintenance of genomic resources and databases
Salient Achievements:
Developed a non-invasive technique for rapid extraction of DNA from fish scales
Generated DNA barcodes over 500 Indian fish species
Generated chromosome profiles of over 70 fish species
Physical mapping of rRNA genes in17 fish species using FISH
Established National Repository of Fish Cell Line and maintaining 50 fish cell line in the NRFC
Developed cell lines from 10 fish species
Developed online databases, viz. Fish Karyome, Fish Barcode Information System, Fish Microsatellite and Fish Mitogenome
Evaluated genotoxicity of aquatic pollutants using cytogenetic and molecular assays using in vivo and in vitro systems
Gene expression profiling in fishes following heavy metal and pesticide exposure
Generated protein profile in Labeo rohita
Molecular modelling,and docking of virus and shrimp proteins involved in white spot disease and screening of potential inhibitors
Gene expression profiling in fishes following heavy metal and pesticide exposure
Facilities available in the Division:
High performance computing (HPC) system with CLC Bio and Discovery Studio software
ABI sequencer 3500
Fluorescent imaging system
Capillary Electrophoresis system
2D-Electrophoresis system and Comet image analysis system.