Next Generation Sequencing (NGS)
The PacBio RS II is based on novel Single-Molecule, Real-Time (SMRT) technology, which enables the observation of DNA synthesis by a DNA polymerase in real time. Sequencing occurs on SMRT Cells, each containing thousands of Zero-Mode Waveguides (ZMWs) in which polymerases are immobilized. The ZMWs provide a window for watching the DNA polymerase as it performs sequencing by synthesis.

The PacBio RS II sequencing provides average read lengths in excess of >10 kb with ultra-long reads > 40 kb. The long reads are characterized by high 99.999% consensus accuracy, and are ideal for assembly, targeted sequencing applications, scaffolding and spanning structural rearrangements.

The PacBio Sequencing system includes an integrated software solution from beginning to end to support the key benefits of SMRT sequencing data: extraordinarily long reads, extremely high accuracy, exquisite sensitivity to variants, and unique epigenetic and methylation detection.

The PacBio RS II sequencing system allows scientists to rapidly and cost effectively generate finished genome assemblies, Full-length sequencing of intact transcripts, reveal and understand epigenomes, and characterize genomic variation. It achieves the industry’s longest read lengths and highest consensus accuracy.