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1 Hon'ble Minister for Agriculture & Farmer Welfare, Govt. of India, visited ICARNBFGR’s facility at Agatti Island, Lakshadweep & appreciated the institute's “Learning with Working” model for native women islanders [305 KB] Language :English Advertisements 30/06/2023 00:00
2 Joint efforts of Fish Farming and Conservation through Specialized Training for SC Farmers by ICAR-NBFGR [275 KB] Language :English Advertisements 30/01/2024 10:00
3 Trout Milt Cryopreservation and Seed Production in Uttarakhand Trout Farms: Hands-on training and demonstration by ICAR-NBFGR [377 KB] Language :English Advertisements 30/01/2024 10:00
4 Awareness Campaign for Popularization of Reportfishdisease App and Drones in Fisheries Management by ICAR-NBFGR [281 KB] Language :English Advertisements 30/01/2024 10:00
5 ICAR-NBFGR’s “ReportFishDisease” App, developed under NSPAAD & funded by PMMSY, launched by the Hon’ble Minister of Fisheries, Government of India: A Farmer-First & Citizen-Science Initiative [468 KB] Language :English Advertisements 28/06/2023 00:00
6 Awareness Buildingon Intellectual Property Rights, Innovation and Importance of Millets at Government Primary School in Telibagh, Lucknow [360 KB] Language :English Advertisements 28/02/2023 00:00
7 ICAR-NBFGR convened 7th Annual Review Workshop of ICAR Consortium Research Platform on Genomics [367 KB] Language :English Advertisements 27/05/2023 10:00
8 Joint Efforts for Community Empowerment through Sensitization, Capacity Development, and Fishery-input Distribution at Sagar Island by ICAR-NBFGR [338 KB] Advertisements 27/02/2024 08:57
9 Satellite Symposium on Fish Genetic Resource and Conservation, a pivotal event hosted under the 13th Indian Fisheries and Aquaculture Forum [328 KB] Language :English Advertisements 25/02/2024 10:00
10 Mission Navshakti: 50 women from Scheduled Caste community develop skill in aquarium fabrication , Ornamental Fish keeping and aquarium maintainence in ornamental fish Pathshala organised by ICAR NBFGR [966 KB] Language :English Advertisements 23/02/2024 17:00
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