New accomplishment

ICAR Institutes Decode the Complete Genome of Important Indian Fish Species and Pathogens

With the decoding of complete draft genome and tissue-specific transcriptomes (functional genes) of three Important Indian Fish Species, Hilsa, Rohu and Magur, ICAR institutes have demonstrated their capabilities in this frontier area of research. The genomes are analysed to identify the genes and their assignment to functions. The capability is demonstrated, as the complete work has been done within India. The first drafts of these fish genomes are accomplished under different programs. In addition, genome of two important pathogens, namely Aphaynomyces invadans and White Spot Syndrome Virus (Indian strain), has also been sequenced.

The Indian Council of Agricultural Research has given a strong push to develop capability in this field of research through a program Consortium Research Platform on Genomics (CRP Genomics) during 2015, led by ICAR-National Bureau of Fish Genetic Resources, Lucknow, involves institutes on several commodities including Crops, Livestock, Fish, Microbes and Pathogens.

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