Agricultural Knowledge Management Unit


The AKMU at National Bureau Fish Genetic Resources is a centralized information technology resource center in facilitating the various information technology services like internet, intranet, email, database and local area network for file, resource and data sharing. The cell is also actively involved in GIS and remote sensing works such as Image processing and mapping, Spatial mapping and modeling and other cartography works. The cell also organizes and imparts the training on database development, LAN and, use of the Application development using application development tools and programming languages, development and maintenance of databases, website development, and web based application development and Bioinformatics to the end users.

The communication and resource sharing facilities are provided to the end users through local area network services and through wifi internet connectivity. All the computers and peripheral devices like printers and scanners and data storage devices in the Bureau are on local networked environment. The bureau has own domain registered with ERNET and the web and email services to the users are provided through this domain. The bureau is using the microwave link of 6 Mbps provided by M/s Software Technology Parks of India for internet and emailing services. The AKMU of the bureau has developed the web mail application for exchanging the emails and Web Services. To disseminate the web, internet, email and database services the aris cell has deployed a number of servers like, webserver, UTM, mail server and database server. To secure the data, files and emails from threats and intrusions the cell has provided the safeguard measures by deploying the antivirus server, virus and spam filtering server and firewall. All the client computers have been provided the antivirus software to protect the data and files from virus, worms, spywares, trojans and other threats.

The unit is the central hub for research scholars, students and other staff members for using the computer, peripheral devices, internet and emails. The major hardware and software resources in ARIS cell are as follows:

Major Hardware and Software Resources:

Computer Servers

  • Dell Server
  • HP Server

Desktops and Laptop:

  • DELL PCs, HP Laptop

Operating Systems:

  • Windows 2019 Server, Redhat Linux

Database managements systems:

  • SQL Server 2014.

Applications development tools:

  • Visual Studio 2019, MS Office.