GIS & Remote Sensing

GIS & Remote Sensing

In order to facilitate GIS and Remote Sensing work on the fish genetic resources of India a small GIS Laboratory has been establish in AKMU. The GIS lab is well equipped with hardware and software required for GIS and remote sensing work. The GIS studies at Bureau involve development of spatial databases, thematic maps and 2D and 3D modelling. Some of the works done at Bureau includes occurrence mapping of fish genetic resources reported from rivers and streams of India, mapping of region view fish diversity, development of species specific habitat condition map, mapping the water resources of India and arrangement of fisheries data, mapping and predation of fish diversity and abundance at different spatio-temporal scales, mapping water quality and sensibility mapping in relation to fish diversity and abundance. Presently, following hardware and software are available as a infrastructure facility and capacity building for GIS and Remote Sensing.

Hardware: Three Intel Xeon based computer workstation, One Intel Xeon based computer server. A0 size scanner, A3 size colour laser Jet Network printer.

GIS Applications:

  • Arcview 3.2 with extension network analyst, spatial analyst and 3D analyst, ArcGIS with ArcInfo university Lab kit 10.0,ArcIMS, ERDAS imagine profession, IGEOVEC, IRAS B/C , Microstation, ArcIMS.

Satellite Image Applications:

  • PCI Gematica 9.1, PCI Gematica 10, Erdas imagine professional.