Service Standards

S. No. Service (s)/Transaction (s) Weight Success Indicator (s) Service Standards Unit Weight Data Source
1. National Fish Cell Line Repository 25 Fish Cell lines deposited/distributed 60 Working Days 25 ICAR-NBFGR
2. DNA Barcoding 15 Time taken for confirmation 15 Working Days 15 ICAR-NBFGR
3. Fish Seed Production 25 Seeds produced 15# Working Days 25 ICAR-NBFGR
4. Detection of OIE-listed fish pathogens reported from India 10 Time required for detection 15 Working Days 10 ICAR-NBFGR
5. Training to farmers on aquaculture technologies 15 Time required for intimating selection 30 Working Days 15 ICAR-NBFGR
6. High throughput Sequencing Services through PacBio RS II 10 Quality score 60$ Working Days 10 ICAR-NBFGR

* Depends on availability and breeding season; $ depending upon existing work load, availability of consumables and instrument/peripherals working conditions etc.