About Us

The National Bureau of Fish Genetic Resources (http://nbfgr.res.in) was established in 1983 and has emerged as a Center of Excellence in cataloguing and conserving aquatic bioresources of India. The Bureau has developed modern facilities, multidimensional strategies and technological capabilities to achieve its mandate related to database development, genotyping, registration of aquatic germplasm, genebanking and evaluation of endangered and exotic fish species.


In order to cater the needs of conserving aquatic bioresources of the country, the institute has set up Ganga Aquarium in its campus to increase understanding of aquatic life and environment among the people and built widespread awareness for need of conservation of aquatic genetic resources of the country. To generate interest amongst the people to show cause the concerns of aquatic life, the aquarium organizes social events like free visits for the physically challenged children, inter-school art’s competition, debates and awareness camps time to time. We maintain healthy environment all around the aquarium house for the visitors with beautiful grass lawns and large number of decorative and shady plants that provide good playing space to children for their enjoyment. We also maintain strict environment policy towards the fishes displayed in the aquarium by providing ideal ecological conditions by using modern gadgets of water filtration system for purification and recycling of aquarium water for conservation.