About the Ganga Aquarium

Ganga Aquarium was dedicated to public on 19 November 2010 after formal inauguration by Dr.  S. Ayyappan, Secretary, DARE, Govt of India and the Director General, Indian Council of Agricultural Research, New Delhi. A total of 42 aquaria of capacity 800-1600 litres have been organized in air-conditioned galleries with amazing backdrops and decorative items to give them natural look and soothing environment matching with the needs of housing fishes. The aquaria have been displayed with more than 100 amazing fish species procured from different parts of the world including good number of them from India.  It displays most beautiful flower horn (Feng shui) to large redtail catfish/pacu/catla and tiny tetras. Amongst important exotic ornamentals; several variant of goldfishes (bubble-eye, telescopic-eye, pearl-scale, red cap, red oranda, shubunkin, blackmoor), freshwater angels, alligator gar, tetras, ghostfish, parrotfish, fire mouth, malawi cichlids, malayan angel, giant gourami, dwarf gourami's, silver shark, tinfoil barbs, tiger barbs, redtail shark, redfin shark, oscars, discus, severum, tiger sharks, guppies, mollies, platys', swordtail, red-tail catfish, sucker mouth catfish, etc glitter the well decorated aquaria. The Indian ornamentals are represented by denisoni barb (Kerala Queen), flamingo barb, loaches, freshwater eels, etc. The major indigenous fish food fauna comprises of major carps (Catla, rohu, mrigal), snakeheads (giant, striped, spotted), catfishes (butterfish, rita, magur, singhi. asian striped catfish), mahseers, and freshwater giant prawn whereas, that of exotic by grass carp, common carp and silver carp. Marine life in four aquaria displays scorpion fish, chaetodonts, wrasse, clownfish, damsels, tangs, sea anemones and starfish. Fishes of prosperity like flowerhorn, arowana, koran fishes are one of the main attraction’s of visitors. Well illuminated display panels giving salient features of all the housing fishes have been decorated in front of each aquarium. aquarium.